Why Frank Winston Crum Insurance
Agents can rely on consistently competitive rates and terms from FWCI and good commissions.  We pay close attention to our markets to remain the most competitive carrier for the classes and states we write. Unlike many other insurers, our management and underwriters truly listen when you speak.

At FWCI, we don’t try to be all things to all people - - we specialize in two lines of business: workers’ comp and general liability. Admitted in 37 states for workers’ comp and in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennesse for GL, we do business in a variety of markets, and in each add tangible value for our policyholders and agency partners. We deliver fair coverage at a good price for our policyholders. Whether it’s coverage advantages, better pricing for policyholders, or simply the ability for our agents to interact directly with knowledgeable and experienced underwriters, FWCI is an attentive and responsive partner. 

Frank Winston Crum Insurance
Agent Testimonial - Cary McCord
We are large enough to be significant and small enough to listen to you and your needs. With a good understanding of your needs and preferences, we’re able to align a partnership approach that enables maximum mutual benefit with ease.
Stable Solutions
Stable solutions for qualified accounts are a mainstay for FWCI. We’re committed to the markets we serve, and we build long-term relationships with our appointed agents.  We pride ourselves on being a thoughtful and consistent partner who is not reactionary.
Ease of Doing Business
Ours is a hybrid approach of smart people and enabling technology. Agents tell us that we have the easiest interface in the market from quoting through policy issuance, and servicing. And when a question or issues does arise, we’re just a phone call away. Our tools were designed with producers in mind, and we leverage decades of agency experience to develop and improve them. 
Online tools for agents
From instant online quoting to issuance and servicing, our toolset is designed to make things easy.
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