PEO services for small and mid-size businesses
We insure thousands of businesses nationwide that prefer to enter into a co-employment (PEO) relationship. FrankCrum offers companies a cost-effective way to outsource a variety of employer related duties including: compliance, human resources, employee benefits, state and federal taxes, payroll, workers’ compensation, EPLI and risk management.

Opting to partner with FrankCrum, is a great option for many small to medium sized companies. A PEO assumes certain liabilities and responsibilities so business owners and managers can concentrate on the business rather than administration. A FrankCrum partnership allows instant access to big company benefits, resources and expertise that are usually only available to large companies.
Product Highlights
Payroll Services
FrankCrum’s payroll services team does the heavy lifting, ensuring that payroll is accurate and on time. Our payroll services include check printing, direct deposit, federal and state tax filing, online payroll solutions, and more. Working with us, businesses can save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes.  
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
FrankCrum offers affordable rates on coverage through our own workers’ compensation provider: Frank Winston Crum Insurance. We have unmatched experience and resources to provide businesses with responsive service and expert advice to mitigate risk and liability.
Employee Benefits
Quality benefits are one of the keys to retaining employees and competing with larger businesses. As a PEO, FrankCrum offers and administers cost-effective benefits, including health and dental coverage from top national providers, 401(k) plans, and other enticing options.  
Comprehensive Human Resources Services
Our affiliate HR team has more than 30 years of experience administering HR to ease the workload of businesses. FrankCrum also provides guidance on safety, regulatory compliance, employee policies and procedures, and processes unemployment claims.
HRIS Platform - myFrankCrum
Businesses and employees can access secure information from work or home, computer or cell phone. Managers report payroll online, approve PTO requests and access forms, reports and a comprehensive resource library. Employees can set pay preferences, view and print W-2’s and pay statements, and request time off.
Risk Protection
All the risk protection services provided by Frank Winston Crum Insurance are extended to FrankCrum policyholders: on-site reviews, technical resources, safety management programs, and specialized services.
Take a Deeper Dive into Our PEO Services
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