Drug Testing Services
An effective substance abuse testing program includes several components; management support, an effective written policy, advance notification, and fair administration. Organizations may want to test all new hires, particularly if they have a drug free workplace or have another type of test schedule in place. Drug Testing services are available as a convenience to policyholders through contracted service providers.

Minimum testing components include the following, but many additional options are available to suit employer needs.
  • High Caliber Agent Network
  • Specimen collection
  • Transport to lab (if specimen is collected remotely)
  • Specimen screening
  • Specimen confirmation test
  • Medical review officer
Criminal Background Checks
Criminal record background checks can be an effective component of a safe environment for employees and customers as well to help prevent or reduce criminal activity.

A criminal background check may be performed as a condition of the employment relationship to determine an individual’s initial or ongoing suitability. Employers must establish a policy that ensures the appropriate treatment of applicants and employees who have either committed criminal activity prior to employment or become involved in criminal activity during employment. All relevant EEOC, FCRA, federal, state, and local regulations must be followed.

Here are a few components of the criminal background checks available through FWCI:
  • Address history and possible alias names
  • National Criminal Information Bureau (NCIB) search for Sex Offender Registries and Department of Corrections (DOC) information.
  • SSN verification
  • Terrorist and government sanctions search (OFAC, GSA)
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