Reducing the impact of workplace injuries with proven processes
The impact of a workplace injury can be very significant for the injured worker, business operations and overall morale. We work proactively with policyholders to avoid accidents, but when an accident does occur, we work in tandem with you to provide appropriate care for the injured worker. The goal is for the worker to successfully recover as quickly as possible and get back to work.

Our claims handling process is something we refine continuously to fully leverage the resources and expertise needed to effectively control the costs and expenses of each claim. Each stakeholder benefits from the common goal of quick and effective recovery whenever possible. Factors of that success are timely reporting, professional adjusters, effective health providers and nurse case managers, and established return to work programs.

Why is it important to report workers’ comp claims quickly?
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Reporting an Accident in the Workplace
Service Highlights
Claims Administration
You can rely on the wealth of administrative services and adjusting to take care of the details of a claim, and to comply with state workers’ compensation rules and regulations.
Case Management
Effective medical care requires experienced case management nurses and adjusters coordinating with one another. Our claim professionals proactively monitor our claimants throughout the recovery period to ensure an appropriate and timely return to work.
Bill Review
We offer a complete medical saving solution that focuses on maximizing savings opportunities and increasing efficiency.
Preferred Provider Network
Your injured worker will be directed to the medical provider best suited to treat the injury. The network adheres to strict credentialing and medical guidelines designed to successfully treat the injury.
24 Hour Claims Reporting
We offer reliable and convenient service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – because early intervention on a new claim has proven to have a positive impact on the length of disability and ultimately, claim payout.
Established Return to Work Programs
Helping workers become reacquainted with the work experience is supported by our established return- to- work program, a turnkey, cost-effective solution to modified light duty assignments, reducing claim costs while giving an injured worker time to heal.
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