GL program for contractors
FWCI provides an industry leading program for general liability for contractors in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Coverage is ISO-based and we offer broad coverages, competitive rates, and extreme ease of use for agents with our online tools. Our risk appetite is a bit broader than that of other general liability insurers, and our status as an admitted insurer providing direct bill capability to this segment makes our general liability offering a true value-add for our agency partners and businesses.
Available in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas
Frank Winston Crum Insurance offers primary general liability coverage for many classes of artisan contractors.
Product Highlights
Quality Coverage
The FWCI contractor GL program is solidly based on ISO wordings. Our basic concept is for agents to tell us what the insured does, and we’ll insure their business a good price. We aim to provide a solid value for insureds with regular ISO-based coverages – we don’t use sunset clauses or many other restrictions typically found in the wholesale and specialty markets.
Broad Underwriting Appetite
We have an appetite that is often a bit broader than what is typically found in the specialty and wholesale market. One-man firms are eligible. New ventures are eligible with one year of prior experience in trade. We can accept certain new construction exposures in many cases. Prior insurance is not required, although there is a discount for it in most cases.
Broad Additional Insured & Waiver Options
We know Additional Insured coverage is vital to businesses, which is why all FWCI general liability policies include automatic Additional Insured coverage (CG 2010). We also provide inexpensive options for Additional Insured for Completed Ops (CG 2037), primary/noncontributory, and waiver of subrogation which are available for Additional Insureds on both an individual and a blanket basis. In fact, every FWCI and Clear Blue GL policy automatically includes blanket ISO 2010 Additional Insured coverage at no charge.*
  • See policy terms and conditions for full coverage information
Excess Liability Coverage
Excess Liability is automatically offered in our quoting tool, Winston, for qualifying GL policies with $1M/$2M Limits. You can quote policies quickly and easily in only minutes – not days – making it easy for contractors to instantly meet contractual obligations. Excess Liability is available with $1M, $2M, and $3M limits.
Inland Marine Coverage Options
FWCI and Clear Blue both offer inland marine coverage options to complement the GL product for contractors. Coverage options available include:
  • Installment Floater coverage – optional limits of $10,000 or $15,000
  • Contractors Tool coverage – optional limits of $5,000 or $10,000
  • Scheduled Contractors Equipment coverage – max limit $25,000 per item
  • Rental or Leased Equipment coverage – optional limits of $10,000 or $15,000
Comprehensive Online Resources
FWCI maintains an extensive online library of reference guides and other documents for our valued agency partners to assist them in writing general liability. These online references include:
  • Program manual
  • Additional Insured and Waiver option tutorial
  • Appetite guide
  • Class eligibility tips & tricks
  • Sample copies of all policy forms and endorsements
A- rated Placement Option
We’re proud of our A. M. Best rating of B++, VI (“Good” according to Best). Sometimes, though, your contractor client is required to have an A-rated insurer by his own clients, or perhaps just needs A- rated underlying coverage for an umbrella. For times like those, FWCI provides an easy option we issue through Clear Blue Insurance Co., our partner who is admitted in 48 states and rated A-, VIII by A. M. Best. Coverage is identical to that of FWCI and handling of the Clear Blue program is within our control at FWCI.
Competitive Rates and Minimums
Rates are designed through a comprehensive review of existing marketplace solutions. Our goal is to be consistently competitive on the classes we write. Our minimum premiums differ by state but in each state support our goal: our minimum premiums for $1,000,000/$2,000,000 limits are typically less than $700.00.
Process Flows Designed to Maximize Agency Profits
FWCI continuously refines business processes to reduce expense and increase retention for our agency partners, making your business more profitable.
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