Protect your workers, comply and improve your bottom line
Many businesses have workers’ compensation insurance simply because it’s required by law. And many employers want to protect employees from injury because it’s the right thing to do. But when business leaders recognize that a proactive approach to managing risk can offer big rewards to employees and the business, risk management programs become a strategic priority. Regardless of where you are in your risk management approach, we are here to help.

We provide the knowledgeable people, tools and resources to help our policyholders prevent workplace accidents. It starts with an experienced consultant who will visit your site(s) and provide you opportunities for improvement. The key is developing an active, specific program that is woven into your operational culture. We recognize that a local ice cream parlor has different needs than a multi- state construction contractor. So we customize an approach designed for your success.
Service Highlights
On-Site Reviews
Periodic workplace consultations enable a full review of your facilities and jobsites as well as audits of current safety programs. This is an effective approach to identify problems and hazards that could result in accidents or injuries. Working with you, our risk management professionals don't just find problems - - they offer solutions.
Technical Resources
Whether you need OSHA’s most recent compliance reporting guidelines or a template to customize training, our technical library is available to assist you. Written to be shared with employees at all levels, our material covers essential information for a multitude of employee safety training topics.
Safety Management Programs
We approach safety program development as though we are an integral part of your business team – first seeking to learn about your products, services, customers, culture, and needs. From there our technical experts match practical solutions to your goals and deliver customized resources that are easy to implement.
Specialized Services
Some situations call for specialized resources. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with a network of niche providers to address virtually any unique risk or exposure situation.
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